CinVin: Home (quick 'homepage' for widgets)

CinVin: Home (quick 'homepage' for widgets) 1.0.2

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CinVin Home is a quick and easy way to have a XenForo \"Home\" page for widgets.
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You can FREE Download CinVin: Home (quick 'homepage' for widgets) version 1.0.2 from nullpro website. it is zip Extention type and 17.7 KB File size. Until CinVin: Home (quick 'homepage' for widgets) have 2 Description Attachments, 1 discussion, 1 Updates, 342 Views.
CinVin Home is a quick and easy way to have a XenForo "Home" page for widgets. There are no manual edits required, automatically creates a "Home" navigation menu, pre-installs the same XenForo sidebar widgets displayed on the Forum home page, and has multiple spots for ads and widgets.

NOTE: This does not include any widgets or new XF features, it's just a quick & simple way to have a 'Home' page in XF without having to do any manual steps while also allowing you to add widgets & ads using the XF ACP options. If you're looking for a home/portal page that offers new features then check out other add-ons like 'Themehouse Featured Threads' & others.

In the screen shot below the items in green are the widget positions you can choose and their names. The items in red are the advertising positions you can choose and their names.

There are several options you can change on the page... ?
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Latest updates

1.0.2 - Added new "sidenav" widget position
When adding a widget, use the [CinVin] Home: Sidenav position name to put the widget on the...

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