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Hide or Show Products 1.0.11

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You can FREE Download Hide or Show Products version 1.0.11 from nullpro website. FREE download with External download URL Until Hide or Show Products have 287 Views.
Hide catalog products individually or in bulk with absolute flexibility and customizable conditions (for stocks, for price, for geolocation, for manufacturer, etc.)

Hide your product catalog
Hide products in your catalog that you do not want to show, with a very simple setup.

Blocking products and images for Google bots
Hidden products are blocked for Google bots, so images of these products are not available (disappear) from Google search results.

Redirect URLs to hidden products (avoid Google console errors)
The module allows you to configure 301, 302, or 404 redirects to redirect the client if he gets access to the hidden product directly by URL (and avoids access errors to the Google webmaster console).

Individually or massively
Use filters and conditions to hide a specific product (individually) or all the products you need (massively)
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