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Set a custom title for the home page instead of boardTitle.
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You can FREE Download Home Page Title version 1.0.0 from nullpro website. it is zip Extention type and 11.1 KB File size. Until Home Page Title have 283 Views.
Set a custom title for the home page instead of boardTitle.

Because the boardTitle is set as a suffix on all page title tags, you ideally want to keep it short.

However, you also might want the home page for your forum to be more descriptive so that it shows something more meaningful in Google searches.

Example usage:

We use the "Somersoft" brand as the boardTitle so that the suffix is short.

However, we want the main Google search results for the site to reflect something more meaningful and descriptive:

To achieve this, we have a simple addon which replaces the boardTitle on the forum home page with some text we configure.

So our home page now shows:

An additional option allows us to select whether to also change the og:title and twitter:title metadata tags for the home page as well:
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