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Word Count Search 2.8.3

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  1. 2.2.x
Adds the ability to-do word-count range searches, sort by word count in search.
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You can FREE Download Word Count Search version 2.8.3 from nullpro website. it is zip Extention type and 38.9 KB File size. Until Word Count Search have 1 Description Attachments, 5 discussion, 5 Updates, 252 Views.
Adds the ability to-do word-count range searches, sort by word count in search.
Forum listings can be sorted and filter by word-count.

Requires Search Improvements (free) add-on or range searches.

Works with the following Content Types:

  • Posts.
Post-Install Instructions

Rebuild search index for posts. Rebuild search index for threads if threadmarks are installed
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Latest updates

2.8.3 - changelog
Adjust styling of lower/upper bound search fields in Advanced Search dialog to match upcoming...
v2.8.2 - changelog
Fix upper/lower bound result search term text was swapped
2.8.1 - changelog
Require php 7.2+ Require Search Improvements v2.6.0+ Support Search Improvements v2.7.0+ search...
2.7.0 - 2.7.0
Require XenForo Enhance Search 2.2+ (if used) Remove old XF2.0 method for extending search order...
2.6.8 - 2.6.8 - Maintenance update
Minor code update to better support Threadmarks not triggering additional queries Adjust how...

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