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Jul 12, 2022
Instagram Tagger
This program can automatically upload posts to Instagram, where it would tag people in the picture and mention them in the description of the picture; you can also leave some tags in the description for even more views.
Why is this advertising method so good that we made a program for it?
- You can create hundreds of accounts, and if you set the program to upload ten pictures a day and tag ten people and write ten tags in the description with each one, you would have a huge advertisement.

100 Accounts x 10 Posts a Day x 10 Tagged People Per post = 10,000 People Notified a day (+ Many more from Tags)(+ Many more from people who go to the tagged field on those people's profiles!)

The best thing is that everyone gets a notification like this on their profile tab:


Our customers in action:

Software In Action:

Short Tutorial on how to use InstagramTagger.

1 Threads: This is the number of browsers you want to use
2. Number of Posts to make per account
3 Number of Tags per post
4 Use fingerprint apikey/Or Not
5. Fingerprints file
6: Use proxy
7. Proxy type
8 Proxies file
9. apikey
10. Accounts list
11. If you wish to login manually
12. Delay between posts in minutes
13. Select the images to use
14 Accounts to tag
15 Tag optionsYou can tag people the the post caption area of the post, or in the image itself, oar a combination of both.
16. Post text? : Select yes if you have a text or texts to post along as caption.
17 List of texts to post: Select the file containing the list of comment texts.
18. Database: After logging in, bot saves account details and cookies to the database. You have the option to classify your accounts in groups which you can select here.

Price: 36$
Contact to Buy:
Discord: Scaz#3929 (User ID:857538673415290911)
Skype: (live:.cid.32e93569ca249c81)
Or Just PM me on Forum

Payment Methods: Crypto, Wise, Credit Cards, and PayPal (For 300+ Post Members or JR. Vip).
Refund Policy: No Refunds

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