Alert Improvements by Xon

Alert Improvements by Xon 2.10.10

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You can FREE Download Alert Improvements by Xon version 2.10.10 from nullpro website. it is zip Extention type and 83.8 KB File size. Until Alert Improvements by Xon have 15 discussion, 15 Updates, 282 Views.
A collection of improvements to the XenForo Alerts system.

This add-on requires php 5.6 or newer


  • For threads/conversation/profile pages, automatically marks alerts as read from content on a given page when viewed.
  • Mark unread link for individual alerts on the Alerts page.
  • Supports the following add-ons:
    • Content Ratings
  • Global Optional, Alert summerization by selected content type or user
  • User Option to prevent marking as read when accessing /accounts/alerts page.
  • User Option to prevent summerization when accessing /accounts/alerts page.
  • User Option to adjust summerization threshold

Supported content types for alert summerization

  • Posts, Conversation, Profile post, profile post comments Likes
  • Ratings (From Content Ratings)

Performance impact

  • Adds an extra column to xf_alert.


  • alter table xf_user_alert summerize_id add int(10) unsigned DEFAULT NULL
  • 1 extra SELECT query per thread page request when the user has more than zero active alerts.
    • If there are alerts to mark as read, then an extra UPDATE is required.
Alert Summerization Performance impact

  • On accessing alerts above the summerize threshold, fetches all unread alerts and attempts to group them in PHP.
  • On successfully generating summary alerts, 2 queries are done. 1 insert to add the summary alert, 1 updating summerized alerts.
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Latest updates

2.10.10 - changelog
Fix incorrect phrase for default alert type in admincp Fix new alert types could be opted out by...
2.10.9 - changelog
Fix setting "Alerts page skips summarizing" in "User Registration" to false wasn't applied to...
2.10.8 - changelog
Fixes for grouped/summarized alerts Group by newest alert not oldest when computing alert...
2.10.7 - changelog
Fix unsetting "Pop-up auto-read" for some XF stock alerts would fail
2.10.6 - changelog
Fix "getSvAlertPref(): Return value must be of type array, null returned" when adding a user via...

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