JPresta Speed Pack Module

JPresta Speed Pack Module 8.8.49

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PrestaShop Compatibility
  1. 1.6.x
  2. 1.7.x
  3. 8.x
Includes Page Cache Ultimate module, lazy load and WEBP image compression and also optimisation
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FREE Download Premium and Nulled JPresta Speed Pack Module 8.8.49 version from NullPro Community. It is zip Extention type and 7.1 MB File size. From JPresta Speed Pack Module have 5 Description Attachments, 21 discussion, 17 Updates, 2 Reviews, 1,045 Views.
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Includes Page Cache Ultimate module, lazy load and WEBP image compression and also database optimisation. A pack that will speed up your shop and increase Google PageSpeed score!
What this module does for you
directions_car Speed up your website
This module integrates innovative and high-performance systems to accelerate your shop
  • A full page HTML cache provided by the Page Cache Ultimate module with its 5 years of experience.
  • A lazy loading system so important for mobile phones
  • WEBP image compression with a technology compatible and optimised for HTML cache and which compress images progressively (no treatment that last hours)
  • Cleaning and optimisation of database
  • An assistant that will identify slower modules and that will help you to configure your Prestashop for better performances

Improve PageSpeed Insight and GTMetix scores
  • Fix the PageSpeed Insights issue "Reduce server response times (TTFB)"
  • Fix the PageSpeed Insights issue "Defer offscreen images"
  • Fix the PageSpeed Insights issue "Serve images in next-gen formats"

Improve your SEO
  • Since 2010 the position in search results of Google (and other search engines) takes into account loading time of pages. This means that if your site is slow, Google may place your page to lower positions and let the first ones to the fastest sites that may be your competitors.

Increase your sales
  • No need to argue here; the speed is essential to increase your sales

Save on your hosting solution
  • Cache decreases consumptions of CPU, RAM and database connections so you can choose a lower pack or you can decrease resources allocation in your hosting provider.
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Latest updates

8.8.49 - changelog
Page Cache: Avoid similar contexts to be created Page Cache: Improve compatibility with module...
8.8.48 - changelog
WEBP: Fix bug with ajax requests (introduced in 8.8.46)
8.8.43 - changelog
Page Cache: Don't use a default context for search engines anymore, Page Cache: Also...
8.8.40 - changelog
Page Cache: Fix cart refreshment in some cases (ter)
8.8.37 - changelog
Page Cache: Fix overrides for blog modules (static call error)

Latest reviews

Thank you, do you have test the file with virus Total for think some malware?

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