Mirasvit Full Page Cache Warmer for Magento 2

Nulled Mirasvit Full Page Cache Warmer for Magento 2 1.8.3 Nulled

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Magento2 Compatibility
  1. 2.3.x
  2. 2.4.x
To make your store faster you should use several types of Magento 2 cache.
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You can FREE Download Nulled - Mirasvit Full Page Cache Warmer for Magento 2 version 1.8.3 Nulled from nullpro website. it is zip Extention type and 1.6 MB File size. Until Mirasvit Full Page Cache Warmer for Magento 2 have 1 Description Attachments, 9 discussion, 3 Updates, 810 Views.

The Best Solution To Accelerate Your Store's Speed!
Magento 2 store loads quickly only if its pages are in the cache. Our extension automatically adds pages to the cache and thus, speeds up your store!
Whenever your customer or Google visits a page, its most recent variant will be loaded in a fraction of seconds from the cache.
This extension introduces a unique robot designed to monitor cache status. Once the cached page is cleared, the robot visits this page and warms up the cache for it!
  • A store page's loading speed is now several times faster
  • The latest page version is always in the cache
  • Google ranking of your store is improved due to increased page loading speed
  • Module works in the background, requires minimum manual attention
  • one makes changes to product pages or categories
  • one makes any other changes within the store
  • cache cleared by lifetime (usually every X hours)
In the above-mentioned instances your online store customers visit it and spot the pages are loading really slowly (for the first time, at least). Your shop visitors get disappointed from such a browsing experience and, thereby, order numbers and revenue can decrease.

The same occurs when Google bot visits your online store, sees pages running slowly and, therefore, lowers shop SERP ranking.

Magento 2 Full Page Cache Warmer prevents all those issues and increases your Magento store page loading speed several times!

Fully Automated Extension Workflow​

Set up the Magento Full Page Cache configuration right after installation, and then you can just kick back and relax.

Fully Automatic Work​

Our solution is fully automated and refreshes your store's cache automatically. No more worries about complicated manual settings, just specify which page types should be cached, and that's it!

Tasks Run In The Background​

Full Page Cache Warmer module operates in the background. You are free to make any changes to the interface of your online store, and it won't affect the extension functioning in any way.

Be Sure Caching Is Working​

Full Page Cache Warmer module provides a special page that refreshes automatically, and displays the current status of the full page cache.

Control Which Pages to Warm​

The extension allows you to create lists of specific pages for cache warming in order to decrease server load and speeds up cache warming.
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Latest updates

1.8.3 Nulled - 2023-04-24
Issue with error 'Impossible to process constructor argument' on module:uninstall
1.3.33-for m2.3/m2.3 - 1.3.33
for magento2.3/magento2.2 version

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