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The Prestashop Multivendor Marketplace module will help you create any trading platform and allow sellers / store owners to sell or deliver products from your site. This helps to quickly, easily and reliably set up your own market.

Using this module, the owner of the trading platform receives commissions from products that they sell in suppliers' stores. The owner of the trading platform can set up a multi-store system for his site so that another store owner can sell his product from his site.

Only the super administrator can approve the store from the toolbar. The administrator can set a commission or percentage with other information for a particular store provider. It can also disable the entire market temporarily. With this plugin, the administrator can control all store sales.

Each seller (store owner) has an individual admin panel. The supplier can add standard or virtual goods with a lot of other information. He can check all his orders. The seller can withdraw any amount from his total sales, and the percentage will be automatically added to the owner of the trading platform after his approval. It has a powerful reporting system with ordering, selling and recalling goods. The supplier can set information about the store, images, pop-up window schedules, social links, store page content, contents of the grid field with the store’s design. The store owner can edit and update his profile here. There are also options “Store rating” and “Number of warnings”.

After installing the Prestashop Multivendor Marketplace modulethree links will be created on the page: “Vendor Toolbar”, “Vendor Registration” and “Vendor List”. The toolbar contains “Add / View Product”, “Order”, “Output”, “Report”, “Settings”, “Profile” with other information. The seller can enter or register on the registration page, and the entire list of suppliers will be displayed on the "List of suppliers" page.

The Prestashop Multivendor Marketplace module is a prestashop extension plugin that turns your Prestashop website into a multi-store platform.

The Prestashop Multivendor Marketplace has great features and is easy to set up. It is more flexible and compatible with many existing modules in the Prestashop repository. This module is fully customizable. Users can easily configure the module in a new or existing Prestashop store.
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